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ZaMens seconds technical personnel, especially in the installation technique.

Why are we different from other recruitment agencies?

ZaMens is a small-scale personal secondment agency of about 50 employees. We have a colourful international team with Dutch, Slovak, Spanish, Romanian and Polish colleagues. It is this mix of cultures that makes working at ZaMens so much fun. We are and remain small-scale because we want to be and remain a fun team together with our colleagues.

We take care of our colleagues

At ZaMens everything is clear and we tell you exactly what you can expect and what is needed to work in the Netherlands and not only that. ZaMens takes care of everything from the beginning to the end.


ZaMens is NEN 4400-1 certified and registered with the Labour Standards Foundation so you are guaranteed for the chain liability. We are also in possession of the Safety Certificate for Temporary Work Agencies (VCU).

Sustainable deployment/your flexible shell

Our employees work for ZaMens for an average of 6.5 years. Because they live and work at a fixed location, the client has a permanently employable skilled worker.


To enlarge your flexible shell, there is also the possibility to put your people on the payroll of ZaMens. We then take over the employment and the associated obligations.

Well managed

Workers with the nationality of a country of the European Economic Area (EEA) may work in the Netherlands. It is important that everything is arranged for you. At ZaMens we think it is important that you feel at home with our organisation.



See our vacancies below.

Architecture senior installation technician

Are you the leading installation technician we are looking for?

Central heating mechanic and assistant mechanic

Are you the CV mechanic we are looking for?

Junior plumber

Are you the junior plumber we are looking for?


Are you the plumber we are looking for?

Manager plumber

Are you the senior plumber we are looking for?

Other vacancies

Would you like to see all our vacancies? Then we would like to refer you to our vacancy page!

Our services

Our challenge is to make our competence available to you!

From strategic policy to salary calculation, we can jointly streamline the entire spectrum and make it manageable for you in a simple cost-conscious way.

Secondment of technical staff


The shortage of skilled technical staff is great. There is too little inflow and a large outflow in the coming years. The economy has picked up and demand is increasing. Our colleagues are competent and certified. We deliver
installation personnel, carpenters, bricklayers, draftsmen. Of course, we can also recruit and select exclusively.

HR support


Your employees are the capital of your company. Every entrepreneur knows
this, but at the same time it requires a lot of time and attention. An entrepreneur wants to be an entrepreneur and be engaged in his business. ZaMens can give you practical support in the field of strategy, think of Personal Branding, connecting your vision to your employee.



We are your partner for unburdening HR aspects. Employees as capital on the balance sheet.

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