From strategic policy to salary calculation, we can jointly streamline the entire spectrum and make it manageable for you in a simple cost-conscious way.

Secondment of technical staff

The shortage of skilled technical staff is great. There is too little inflow and a large outflow in the coming years.
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Your employees are the capital of your company. Every entrepreneur knows this, but at the same time it requires a lot of time and attention.
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HR Support

From strategic policy to salary calculation, we can jointly streamline the entire spectrum and make it manageable for you in a simple cost-conscious way.
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Our technicians

Our technicians are personally selected and skill-tested in cooperation with the clients.

The colleague is responsible for knowing his own skills. In our selection procedure, we therefore use skill lists that indicate the sub-activities of the job. This enables us to assess with which client the new colleague would be most at home. So this is the beginning of an honest and open working attitude. The skills are then tested in practice at the client. So when the colleague fulfils his own task, it is fine. Of course, skills are sometimes overestimated or working methods are different in the home country.

Full service contract
Transport, tools, training and accommodation.

Our colleagues are provided with hand and power tools. In the case of long-term secondments, we can provide tailor-made solutions. The tools are inspected annually.

With regard to education, we offer Dutch lessons as standard. We take care of the VCA exams and, where necessary, support, and also when the colleague wants to advance, we provide the necessary training. (Product training, leadership, revit etc.)

With regard to accommodation, we consider it important that our colleagues integrate into the Dutch culture. We always inform the neighbours so that they can get to know each other. Our housing meets the quality mark Stichting Normering Flexwonen (SNF). It is important to us that our colleagues feel comfortable during the time they are working in the Netherlands and cannot be at home with their families.

Safety Passport
Precisely because our colleagues often do not have a full command of the Dutch language, we have “created” the Safety Passport. This is a folder containing all kinds of information about ZaMens, the colleague, tools, safety and transport. In the event of an inspection on the shop floor, one can always fall back on this information.

We believe that investing in people pays off!

Our founder

M. (Ria) Roos MBA

Creative, inspiring and connecting

Ria is originally a specialist in the field of Workforce Management, also known as Human Resources.

From practical experience in various line functions, she progressed to her final position as HR director in the employment of a pharmaceutical retail chain. Here, she was responsible for over 3,000 employees, 85 million in salary costs as well as leading in the national collective bargaining chain. In 2007, she made the switch to self-employment, not a conscious choice but, as it often happens in life, it happened to her.

Ria gets her inspiration from the development of people. Seeing people grow, ‘taking matters into their own hands’. Autonomous action is possible for everyone, according to Ria. But nothing for nothing…

She herself has done all her training part-time alongside her work and is an example that if you really want to achieve something, working and learning go ‘hand in hand’.

Her great strength is her ability to connect and her inclusive approach. She is and will remain interested in the environment. Developments within our own country, but also cooperation within the European Union and the position in the world order. Everything is connected. But it starts with that one individual.

ZaMens, business and human, is a concept that has slowly but surely developed into a permanently flexible addition to the permanent core of clients. As mentioned, Ria knows how to connect everything: family, work, development and the real European idea. After all, the Netherlands is just a postage stamp in the world order but in Europe we are a co-determining factor, however small we may be. Let us therefore set an example in the area of flexible work.

Insertion bonus

When our colleagues bring in a new colleague, they receive a bonus of €250 net after 4 weeks of experience/work by the new colleague. The big advantage is that when they bring in someone themselves, it is generally someone they have experience with and know about the work ethic and personality. Because we have to work together, that is a big advantage for our colleague, client and ZaMens.

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