Who we are?

ZaMens stands for Business and Human.

ZaMens is a small-scale personal secondment agency of about 50 employees. We have a colourful international team with Dutch, Slovak, Spanish, Romanian and Polish colleagues. It is this mix of cultures that makes working at ZaMens so much fun. We are and remain small-scale because we want to be and remain a fun team together with our colleagues.

We take care of our colleagues

At ZaMens everything is clear and we tell you exactly what you can expect and what is needed to work in the Netherlands and not only that. ZaMens takes care of everything from the beginning to the end.

Think about health insurance (obligatory in the Netherlands), applying for a Burgerservicenummer, obtaining a VCA (safety certificate), accommodation, transport to the workplace, Dutch lessons, possible tax benefits. We can even take care of the annual declaration in the Netherlands.

Younger than 50 years
7.1 yr
Average duration of secondment
Saving on the basis of working time, etc.
Connected clients

Why is ZaMens unique?

On average, a temporary employee works for 6 months at a secondment agency; with us, an employee works for 6.5 years. We try to arrange everything as well as possible to keep our employees and clients happy. Our employees work an average of 40 weeks and have about 12 weeks per year to spend with their families in their home countries.

This means that in principle you can take 1 or 2 weeks off every 8 weeks to go home. Of course, it must be possible on the project you are working on at the time.


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