We believe that investing in people pays off!

We think it is important that our employees continue to grow and therefore we want to guide and train them. For example, learning the Dutch language, getting the VCA diploma, but also retraining draftsmen (AutoCAD/Revitt).

The first group of employees have already received autoCAD training. Meanwhile, four of them are working for various clients to learn installation in combination with drawing.

We at ZaMens also think it is important that certain target groups in our society move on. For example, we have employed a status holder, a young boy from Eritrea who, after a positive three-week trial placement, is now working for one of our clients.

But also young people who are in danger of dropping out because their previous education is inadequate or they have to deal with other issues, such as debts. We also like to give them a chance and, together with our partners, help them to get ahead and build a career. In cooperation with our clients, of course.

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