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The application bonus

How does the application bonus work?
- Tell a family member, friend or close acquaintance to apply for a job with ZaMens.
- Please include your name in your application so that we know to whom we can pay the bonus.

When our colleagues bring in a new colleague, they receive a bonus of €250 net after 4 weeks of experience/work by the new colleague. The big advantage is that when they bring in someone themselves, it is generally someone they have experience with and know about the work ethic and personality. Because we have to work together, that is a big advantage for both our colleague, client and ZaMens.

– The application bonus is valid only for new candidates who have not worked for ZaMens for at least six months.
– There is no maximum number to recruit new personnel

How does ZaMens arrange accommodation?

When you come to the Netherlands, you will naturally want to know how the accommodation is arranged. And that makes sense! Do you have your own room or do you have to share a room? How far is the drive to work? They are all understandable questions. We think it is very important that your home situation should be well organised so that you can always go to work rested.

Many of our staff come from abroad. It is a big step to come to the Netherlands to start working here. For some it is an easier step than for others. Before making this decision, it is useful to know how the accommodation is arranged. It is very important to us that your sleeping place is comfortable and safe.

Where can you live?

Based on the location of your new workplace, we will look for a good accommodation. Travel time to work is always taken into account. Do we have doubts about the travel time? Then we will discuss this with you. Do you think it is too long after all? Then we can always look for a suitable solution together.

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